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Loving Care When They Need It Most

Not everyone has the lucky pleasure of taking their cats on holiday with them, and when the time comes for you to take a break it can be hard to think of leaving your poor cat home alone. It’s not just the thought of your cats being all bored on their own, but the worry that something might go wrong or they could be causing your neighbours some distress. Lucky for those who have travel plans, Dogwalker & Co cat sitters will make sure your cats are well fed, cared for, and getting the love and attention they need while you’re away.

A Happy Cat

We know that some people are constantly on the road for work and not always away on holidays, so at Dogwalker & Co we don’t just offer your average cat sitting services. When you’re always on the move, it’s never fun moving your cat back and forth between boarding houses. That’s why we visit your cats in the comfort of your own home, in an environment where they feel most comfortable and relaxed.

Peace of Mind

Cat sitting is probably just one of many things on your mind while you’re away. That’s why we’ll not only make sure your kitties are eating well and getting all the cuddles they need, but if you need someone to water the garden or check the mail while you’re gone, we’ll gladly do that too. Being away on holiday or for work needs to be as stress free as possible, and at Dogwalker & Co we’re all about delivering the services you need to feel peace of mind while you’re gone.

Your Local Cat Sitters

We’ve been around since 2013, and since then we’ve become one of Sydney’s favourite safe and trusted cat sitting services. And that’s because we’re honest, caring, love pets as much as you do, and above all, reliable. We have the kindness and patience it takes to take good care of your cats as if they were our own. Just have a read of our testimonials to see how happy we’ve made our clients in the past!

Cat Sitting

    • $25 once daily visit
    • $45 twice daily visit (am & pm)
    • $5 each for any additional pets
    • Weekend surcharge $10 per day
    • Public holidays double rates apply
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