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  • 15 February 2016
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Should Dogs Sleep with You?

This photo captures the moment when we were told that this was our new bed and that mum was sleeping alone from now on. Not impressed to say the very least.

We are pack animals by day and by night. There is nothing better than feeling safe, secure and oh so cosy with the ones you love whilst sleeping. So you can imagine how happy we were when mum started relaxing the rules a bit and allowed us to hop in with her.

The problem is we canines like to take a mile when given an inch. We started taking up most of the bed, especially Portia, sprawling across in different directions. We were leaving just enough room for mum so she wouldn’t fall off. Our sleep quality was skyrocketing while mum’s was plummeting. We did feel a little sorry for her, but still our comfort was paramount. Mum would have to move, we certainly weren’t going too! It’s just the way it is. Ever heard of Petris?

Then we started on the who gets to be closer to mum scenario. Yes in the middle of the night we were becoming territorial over the bed and her. We were starting to have sisterly fights. We are our own worst enemies at times. This silly business of protecting what was essentially not ours to begin with saw us being moved on to our own beds. Devastated.

So now we have new rules, we can only jump onto mum’s bed when she allows it.This is usually when she is reading or watching a movie. Then it’s time to jump onto ours. Apart from the possum that lives in the roof waking us occasionally, we sleep well. Then in the morning when the first alarm rings, mum allows us to jump in until it’s time to go. We guess this is a fair compromise.

The lesson learnt is that mum is the boss and always will be, and that we fur kids shouldn’t push the boundaries, unless we want to end up in the doghouse!! Should dogs sleep with you? Our answer is sometimes with rules attached and only when invited.

Time for some shut-eye and dreams of bones,

Love Paris and Portia xx

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A 10 years young Chitzu (a name she made up to sound more designer).She is a Chihuahua cross Shih tzu who despite having a heart murmur has the agility and endurance of an athlete! Her favourite thing in the world is making sure her sister Portia knows who top dog is.
A 5 years young Pughasa. She is basically a pug crossed with a Lhasa Apso. She isn't so athletic-it's a genetic thing. She prefers to keep her jaws well exercised by focusing on what she is good at, and that's eating! Her favourite thing in the world is having her belly rubbed.

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