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Charmayne has been walking our cavoodle Charlie for almost two years now. She is incredibly reliable, never having missed a session, and accommodates our changes to days and times without issue. Occasionally I've been at home when Charmayne arrives to pick Charlie up, and I can tell from his reaction that he loves spending time with her. Rain, hail or shine, she has always returned him home safe and I trust her completely with him. I would recommend Charmayne as a trustworthy and reliable dog walker.

MAX-min Tracey & Matt

I can honestly say Max's favourite time of the week is when Charmayne arrives at the door for walkies! He gets so excited, and I swear he has a sixth sense for her arrival. Max really benefits from the walks-they are a great way for him to have a really good (and secure) run around, whilst making some fluffy friends. Best of all, after walkies, he is tuckered out for hours! Sometimes Charmayne even sends us photos or videos of the fun Max is having. As I tell everyone in the dog park, Dogwalker & Co is very professional and trustworthy and I highly recommend their services.

fluffy dog near tree Talia

Miffy and I are most grateful for Charmayne's excellent service. Miffy has a wonderful temperament when I come home after work, and I know it is because she has had a big play with all her friends at Dogwalker & Co.

dogs kissing Kylie & Christine
(Stella and Lady)

Charmayne provides an extremely professional yet friendly service. I need to know that my dogs are not only being walked but are also in safe hands. With Dogwalker & Co, my mind is at ease. Most importantly though, is that my dogs actually love and trust Charmayne.

two house cats Hayley & Steven
(Silas and Lila)

I fully recommend Charmayne from Dogwalker & Co to look after your pets. Charmayne is our go-to cat sitter every time we go away on holidays. She has looked after our cats Silas and Lila many times and not only feeds them twice a day, but also administers medicine, manages the cat litter and most importantly showers my cats with love and affection as well as grooming them daily. Both cats absolutely adore her. Charmayne will also update us with photos and texts when we are away. She is a fantastic pet minder whose love for animals is evident when you meet her. Couldn't recommend her enough.

big dog small dog Anel
(Charlie and Kayla)

Charmayne has been walking my dogs Charlie and Kayla for some time now, and they absolutely love it!! As soon as they hear her at the door, they are down the stairs in a flash, their tails wagging so hard they might fall off!! The best part of it is, that they get to socialise with other dogs in a supervised environment. I've noticed a big change in their interactions with other dogs when I take them out. They adore Charmayne and for good reason! She has a really good balance between teaching them a bit of obedience and letting them have some fun! She has always been very accommodating and an overall pleasure to deal with.

small dogs dogbath Alba & Daniel
(Arnie and Basil)

Charmayne from Dog Walker & Co has been walking our two Cavoodles, Arnie and Basil, for over a year and a half. What we instantly loved about Charmayne is her obvious love and affection towards dogs and pets. During this time, she has always been reliable and dependable-even helping us out on our wedding day, which was a Sunday. We never worry about our boys when they're with her and know that they are having a brilliant time! Most importantly though, is the love our dogs have for Charmayne and for their 'walk days', she has become a part of their family.

black cat white cat Deb and Giordana
(Betibu and Boomer)

We are extremely impressed with the services provided by Charmayne at Dogwalker & Co. We are on the Co side of things with our two cats Boomer and Betibu requiring home visits due to our frequent travelling. Like so many people we adore our pets and Charmayne's attention to detail, daily updates and her obvious affection for our little ones is immensely appreciated. We head away very relaxed knowing that they and our home are in such good hands.

two dogs outside Denise
(Jessie and Dezi)

Charmayne has been BFF's (best friends forever) with our dogs now for over a year. After the loss of one of our dogs-we found our other dog was really struggling, as they were so close. We knew that she needed to socialise and be with other dogs. A Google search pointed me in the direction of Dogwalker & Co, and I honestly wouldn't change a thing! We saw instant improvements with our dog Jessie, both emotionally and physically. We have since gotten a new puppy Dezi (who now joins Jessie on her walks with Charmayne). It's actually at a point now, where even before Charmayne gets out of the car, they are at the door jumping around excited and ready to go. When they get home, the new ritual is to sit at the front door for a while wondering when Charmayne will be back-as she is their BFF! I cannot fault Charmayne at all-communication is amazing, the dogs love her and you can see she takes the time and effort to get to know each dog individually to help all of their needs! She lets me know about timings of walks, how they are doing, if she has any concerns about the dogs and occasionally sends me a few happy snaps of them having lots of fun with their friends! Dogwalker & Co is absolutely the way to go! Don't go elsewhere.

two dogs outside Wes & Hannah
(Macey and Emma)

Charmayne from Dogwalker & Co has been walking our two energetic pointers, Macey and Emma, for almost two years now. We trust Charmayne and feel comfortable knowing that she takes good care of our girls. The girls love their regular outings with her and are so excited when she arrives at our house.

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